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how do I unsubscribe

Kevinhenson 5 months ago in Mailers / Newsletters 0

ETF Ideas newsletter delivery irregular

dumbo 5 months ago in Mailers / Newsletters 0


I subscribe to the ETF Ideas newsletter For the past few weeks its delivery has been irregular, most of the days it doesn't show up in my Inbox while the other newsletters do. Kindly look into it, thanks.


Updated Email Address Not Receiving Newsletters

Ronz8in 5 months ago in Mailers / Newsletters 0


I updated and changed my email address for my login, but I am still receiving newsletter at my old email address. I am not sure how to change the delivery address of my newsletter. Please help!

Overall, please keep up the good work!



email recent articles on stocks in my portfolio

Tony Ponzo 5 months ago in Mailers updated 5 months ago 1

Intellectual Property no ever down trend no risk , constant and sustainable gain perpetually

SALIL AGARWAL 6 months ago in Mailers / Newsletters 0

Idea converted to innovation , total Intellectual Property having year 2022 growth of 31.5 million 



lberge 6 months ago in Mailers updated by harvestpetrol 6 months ago 2

Email account:  please switch to


not getting email alerts

martmcp 1 month ago in Mailers updated by SA Admin Shubham Shresth 1 month ago 2
Email Alerts

Hi there,

The issue was with the bounces. Emails can be stopped due to a bounce we received from your email provider or if you accidentally reported our emails as spam. We must obey the message from your provider due to spam regulations and we freeze your emails.

The bounces are cleared now.

Hope this helps! Feel free to reach out in case further assistance is required.

Shubham Shresth
Data QA Analyst, Seeking Alpha