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I can't access contributor forum

Nemanja Vujcic 2 years ago in Website 0

I saw that other users had a similar experience and I posted in one of the existing topics, but received no reply. I do have only one published article, but I intend to come and write again.

Inside the Contributor Center I can see the latest topics listed on the right hand side of the screen, but I can't access any of them, or even open the contributor forum. My screen looks like this:

I have cleared the cookies and tried in Firefox, Chrome and Edge. Same thing everywhere.

Under review

Is there a way to filter the live market news feed?

when_to_sell 2 years ago in Website updated by anonymous 1 year ago 3

The live market news - is an excellent resource. Is there a way to filter this such that I can separately view news items containing a keyword? Google news has this feature, and the same thing here would be very useful. If I can setup several sections on the page where each section has news items having the keyword, that would be great. 


rdfn transcript?

gregmcn 2 years ago in Website updated by Sriram 2 years ago 1

where is rdfn transcript?


Company Transcript

anonymous 2 years ago in Website updated by Sriram 2 years ago 1

Please post the 3Q17 earnings transcript for GDS Holdings.  This is fast-becoming hot company.  Your help is greatly appreciated.

Under review

Email Alert Update Removed Ability to Add New Ones

bnielson 2 years ago in Website updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 2 years ago 1

Your latest update to email alerts no longer has a way to add new ones.


Hassled by: Trust certificate invalid

Ricrac 2 years ago in Website updated by frisco7 2 years ago 3

Keep getting:  


The certificate for this website is invalid.  You might be connecting to a 

website that is pretending to be  “”, which could put your

confidential information at risk.  Would you like to connect to the website 

anyway? “

This pop-ups every time I come to “” and when I just click on 

“cancel” instead of “continue”, it just keeps popping up, every time I load a new

page and every few seconds when on any page.  I cancel, it’s gone for a couple 

seconds, and pops right back up.

I see where 5 mos. ago someone had the same problem with a different domain name.

I suspect this is the same type of thing —but not knowing much about these things…??

Please fix.


subscribe button not working

jtadams21 2 years ago in Website 0

When I go to subscribe to email alerts and/or add a stock to my portfolio, the buttons don't work.  Also, when I add a new stock to a portfolio in the app, it doesn't appear in my portfolio on the website.



Issue with Universal

ikhurgin 2 years ago in Website updated by SA Editor Daniel Shvartsman 2 years ago 1

I am using Eric Parnel's Universal subscription. Under 'Universal' tab I used to be able to see the Positions and 'Recent Purchase/Sale'. I can only see "Articles" and Chat now. Can you please look into it.



Hi Igor,

Thanks for the message. We removed the positions tab from the Marketplace, as it wasn't getting sufficient use across the board. You can contact Eric Parnell through the direct messages here to ask for how he's tracking positions now -



Under review

Liked the old presentation for "Latest" summary better when viewing an individual stock

anonymous 2 years ago in Website updated 2 years ago 2

Preferred to have "Other News" at the bottom and more viewable aticles so that usually an entire days articles could be viewed with out clicking extra times.  Can you please put it back to the prior format?


Link won't work

anonymous 2 years ago in Website updated by richardsymms 2 years ago 2

The transcript on this link won't go beyond the second page, even though there are 17 pages in all: