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Will this site calculate ROIC?

MikeS75 4 months ago in Website 0

I know how to calculate it the "long way". I just want to know if SA will do it or if there is a shortcut


be cool if you had a field to Note why you added a posiotion to your portfoilio

Fsadon 4 months ago in Website updated 4 months ago 1

I can't leave a comment.How can I resolve it?

VladimirRob 4 months ago in Website 0

Exact phrase search does not work for transcripts

anonymous 4 months ago in Website 0

I noticed that when searching for an exact phrase in the earnings call transcripts it does not work. It works as expected when you use the same phrase or format in the news section or other sections but on the transcripts section it appears that it breaks the words you entered apart. 


entered credit card today but can't get in still blocked. HELP

Ed Carney 4 months ago in Website updated by ngracej 4 months ago 1

Technical problem of your "Feedback Forum"

respectus42 4 months ago in Website updated 4 months ago 0

I have made my subscription on Feb. 25. 2021. After then I received a plenty of "e-mails" blaming me from your Seeking Alpha users through "Feedback Forum" about many kind of technical problems. I know nothing about that matters at all. So I have canceled my subscription today. Now I demand technical malfunction of your applications to be corrected rapidly.                         


Export financial data to excel

Jenseits 4 months ago in Website 0

Hi SA Team,

I've tried to download the financial data from different stock to excel. Sandy, it's all in text format. I'll try several things to change the format to numbers but nothing seems to work. I don't want to manually add every single number in my model or to manually change every single cell format. Therefore, please I need your it there a solution? Did someone have the same problem?

Thanks in advance. Bye!


Thought I was signing up for a free trial and then charged $29.99 for premium

anealbening 4 months ago in Website 0

Yesterday I was greeted with a pop up which stated I could have a Free Trial to access the article I was trying to read. Whilst I have had the free trial in the past I thought I was eligible for the free trial again. I clicked the pop up and I was taken to a page requesting payment info followed by a button which stated 'Start your Free Trial Now'. After I clicked this button I checked my credit card statement which indicated $29.99 had been taken out of my account. I've sent an email to but have yet to receive a response. I expect a refund as I genuinely didn't think I was going to be charged as it said it was going to be a Free Trial. There is a bug in your software - it shouldn't say 'Start Free Trial' if the person isn't eligible as it's just really confusing.


Can’t find the link to the HDO updates. Please help

golddigger16 4 months ago in Website 0

Recently I started using a new iPad. None of the old links to the HDO portfolio updates are loading.

Please provide the appropriate link.

I have been a member for a while but can’t see any of the current recommendations.

Samuel Cohen


Quant industry ranking total is inaccurate.

gnwilliams 4 months ago in Website 0

On this page the quant ranking "20 out of 20" should be "20 out of 70", unless I seriously misunderstand your intent.