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Virsus alert: Please be advised that I am getting the following alert from my anti-virus application (AVG)

Sam Sawyer 3 years ago in Website updated by clean-up-1 1 year ago 28

This happens when I click on notifications that inform me of new comments on articles and authors that I am following.  It could be a false alarm but please investigate and advise.  My email address is



To provide some more transparency here. Avast & AVG (and possibly others) incorrectly identified a piece of our code as Malware. We have rectified this issue with them and you should no longer see this message. If you still see it, try closing your browser and re-opening Seeking Alpha. 

To be clear, no malware, virus or data breach occurred here.

Please don't hesitate with any follow up questions.




I am not a robot

appyface 1 year ago in Website updated by americawestcmh 2 months ago 6

Just started coming past week or two.  I click on article in email notification, new browser tab launches, page title "Access to this page has been denied."  Once I get past "I am not a robot" challenge, it doesn't happen again even if I close the browser.  It returns after Nightly updates, which it does, well, nightly.  No adblocker.  Cookies and javascript are enabled.  I use Firefox Nightly x64, current version is 73.oa1.  


Keep getting the Yikes error page when I go to portfolios

Tumbling Dice 1 year ago in Website updated by Heiko Hofheinz 12 months ago 4

Overview section under Key Data disappeared

Sybr 11 months ago in Website updated by a neuffer 10 months ago 15

SA Team,

What happened to the Overview section under the Key Data tab for individual companies? Why isn't it there anymore?

Under review

News Items Not Expanded anymore?

lemongrass 1 year ago in Website updated by bndsnstks 1 year ago 37

Latest news feed appears to have just switched to showing only headlines, and not the expanded view of each item. 
I don't see any option in settings for changing that back?


Create comment order setting preference

Random Logic 2 years ago in Website updated by clean-up-1 1 year ago 18

We can now switch order of reviewing comments.  The default is to see the most recent comments first.  I can see where some readers would like that but after using it this way for a while, I would actually prefer to see oldest comments first.  There may be others like me,  If we could set our preference in settings, everyone could get what they wanted.

Under review

Robot verfication

Dhierin Bechai 2 years ago in Website updated by AUXULECERA 1 year ago 16

Seems to becoming an annual thing... Much to my dislike I am once again getting the robot verfication while Javascript and cookies are enabled. I have reported this issue numerous times in the past, but it keeps reoccuring at least once a year. It is extremely inconvenient for readers as wel as coniributors who are losing out on potential readers. I was told you have to strike a balance in the filtering, apparently it is a balance that needs to be refocused each year and each year this is costing contributors.


Notifications not working at the moment. Intermittent so a while now.

rusty13 6 months ago in Website updated by mk1992 4 months ago 12

I have been informed by our development team that they have identified and fixed the bug causing issues with the new notification center. Kindly check and let me know if you're still experiencing issues.

Kushal Mehrotra
Data QA Analyst, Seeking Alpha



You may find some information here, as to why you keep getting captcha prompts:
What Triggers Google CAPTCHA Requests When Searching

Hope this helps, Feel free to reach out in case further assistance is required.

Kushal Mehrotra
Data QA Analyst, Seeking Alpha