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The cost of you PRO plan is beyond unacceptable

Ted's Cat 2 years ago in Website updated by mfreeman775 2 years ago 4

I am currently spending ~$650/yr on subscriptions on your site, and being able to read articles more than 30 days old is critical to my being able to evaluate either an investment idea or an additional subscription service. 

Now if you had the expertise of a dedicated investment news outlet (WSJ, Barron’s, etc.), I can understand that there would be a return on that investment, but most of the articles are not written by an investment professional, let alone an SA staff writer.

If you need additional revenue to maintain and enhance the web site, I would gladly sign up for say $10/mo.  Asking for an additional $900/yr for nothing more than retrieving information stored on a disk drive far is beyond reasonable.

Under review

Untrack comments/replies on StockTalks

Perkins Cove 2 years ago in Website updated by scotch64 12 months ago 2

I would like to suggest an "Untrack comments", or "Untrack replies" button for StockTalks, similar to the one already being used for articles. I often receive notifications that I have a new reply to an old thread that I have no interest in following any longer. This makes for an unnecessary annoyance.

Under review

Need a way to block the commentary from certain annoying (and prolific) readers.

David Fields 2 years ago in Website updated by rjm22 5 months ago 14

Certain commenters are very prolific and repetitive; responses to any counter argument is either ignored by said commenter or given an almost word-for-word repetition of a previous comment, including unsupported links to charts and other irrelevant data. This particular commenter is so prolific and so annoying that I simply no longer want to see anything from this individual, no matter what they say.

SA Jacob Maltz 5 months ago

As of today, muting of users is virtually unlimited (you will be able to mute up to 300 people)

Under review

Robot verfication

Dhierin Bechai 11 months ago in Website updated by VSpak 2 months ago 15

Seems to becoming an annual thing... Much to my dislike I am once again getting the robot verfication while Javascript and cookies are enabled. I have reported this issue numerous times in the past, but it keeps reoccuring at least once a year. It is extremely inconvenient for readers as wel as coniributors who are losing out on potential readers. I was told you have to strike a balance in the filtering, apparently it is a balance that needs to be refocused each year and each year this is costing contributors.

Under review

SeekingAlpha ad becomes a real problems now

jsIRA 3 years ago in Website updated by SA Admin Jonathan Liss 3 years ago 1

Now when I read some articles, my computer CPU runs 100% and the page becomes frozen and becomes extreme slow.


Please allow comment navigation

KIA Investment Research 3 years ago in Website 0

Please allow comment navigation

Back before the SA website was redesigned, I could go to my comments and select the ticker which would filter comments for that ticker, say NOK. I could then use the goto-page N system to quickly jump to my early posts on NOK or anywhere else.

The current system is impossible to navigate. I have roughly 15K comments and multiple tickers and it is nearly impossible to navigate to say my first NOK post.

Currently you must page down to force the browser to load the next page. It's a linear process. If I want a comment I posted a few months ago, I need to go through page-down hundreds of times, and there is no way to sort by ticker. (browser search doesn't work until you have paged down several hundred times since the comments are not yet loaded.)

The current system makes posting history virtually unusable for folks that have many thousands of comments. (my argument here is that post history - especially for an author- is very valuable.)

For instance, when Apple was in the $700s, I was telling people to take some money off the table .. however that little gem is lost to me now.

please add the following:
1. Add filtering comment history by ticker
2. Add jump to page functionality
3. Add comment search (bonus functionality)
Under review

Turning off ad blocker makes your site unusable on Chrome browser

anonymous 3 years ago in Website updated by Kyle+Gay 3 years ago 5

Please scale back the ads on your site. You request that I turn off the ad blocker but your advertisements make your site function very poorly on a Chrome browser. My CPU usage goes up over 10% and scrolling becomes painfully jumpy. My CPU fan has to kick into high speed just to use your web site. I'm a fan so please improve this situaion.


I am NOT a robot

WillPowers 1 year ago in Website updated by omghcarman 1 year ago 2

I've been using SA for years without any problems. Now the bot blocking system is repeatedly issuing the critically annoying "I am not a robot" step. I'm using the latest version of Chrome with Java script and cookies fully enabled. Why is this happening?


Already pay for Marketplace now I have to pay for SA Pro too??

khart100 2 years ago in Website updated by investrealsc 2 years ago 1

I already pay $1,000 a year for a Marketplace service that provides high level analysis of virtually every stock worldwide. This is a great service that I use to find stock ideas that first meet their criteria.

What I have been doing is then going to SA and searching the stock and reading a bunch of past analysis performed by a wide variety of writers. Many of these ideas are not covered by many people. Many of them don't have articles written in the last 10 days. For many of them it has been several months (TREX for example).

I'm now expected to pay $900 a year more to read months old and outdated analysis? This is absurd. If SA stays this way I doubt I will renew my subscription service that I'm currently paying for. While they provide great high level statistical based analysis, they don't really go in depth on any one stock in particular. So instead of a $1,000 a year subscription, I now basically need to have a $1,900 a year subscription to get what I need.

I'm also annoyed that some people are apparently offered the Pro service at $300 a year as I've seen numerous complaint comments referencing this amount. To go from $0 to $900 is insane. I'd consider paying maybe $10-20 a month but $75...???

I'm even more annoyed that this change was done with absolutely no communication from SA. I spent a lot of time yesterday trying to figure out what was going on. I created a new account to see if something was wrong with my current account. That's just terrible customer service.