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Portfolios not in sync between app and web

johnponder 2 years ago in Website updated by liverpud 3 months ago 5

I have 5 portfolios.  Data from portfolios 1 & 2 show up in the android app but not on the web. Data from portfolio 3 shows up on the web but not in the app.  Portfolios 4 & 5 are in correct sync. An odd synchronization bug.  Have tried un-installing and re-installing android app, and using different browsers for the web, resetting cookies and cache, all to no avail.  

Under review

Please fix how your flashing ads and frequent page refreshes screw up my laptop

8566031 3 years ago in Website updated by coach02740 2 years ago 6

Some of your ads and page refreshes freeze up my laptop.

SA Ziv Plotnik 3 years ago


Thank you for the feedback.
We need to show ads in order for us to pay our contributors and provide our users with free quality content. If you do not wish to see ads and still view our content we now offer ad-free version of Seeking Alpha for $9.99 a month.
If there is anything else you would like us to help you with please let us know.

Thank you,



I am not a robot

Global18Trade 7 months ago in Website updated by Vitaly Kravchenko 2 months ago 7

No, I am not a robot. I am logged in. Do robots log in?

I also don't have anything to click on.

Only started recently.

SA Jacob Maltz 7 months ago

I think the ad blocker causes the verify icons not to show up.  Try pausing ad blocker and refreshing the page.   When you open tabs in quick succession, eg x amount in y seconds,  the robot checker thinks you are a robot pounding the site and asks you to verify yourself before continuing.  Interesting that chrome should cause it to happen more, maybe it is a more efficient browser so it sends more requests to our servers faster.

Under review

message and notification bell not working for Chrome browser

Darren McCammon 2 years ago in Website updated by Long Tail Of Finance 5 months ago 18

The message and notification bell is not working for my Chrome browser.  It will show the red symbol with a number indicating you have new comments; however, when you click it, their is no drop-down.  It does work for Chrome on my other laptop which still has the message / notification as the old square symbol.  It also works in Edge.  So its just the new version of yours software and the Chrome browser combination that has the bug.  I have tried updating the browser, updating Java, allowing pop-ups, including Seeking Alpha as a trusted site, closing and reopening the browser, shutting down and starting back up, all to no avail.


Bookmarks or Reading List

respond2you 3 years ago in Website updated by anonymous 2 years ago 4

I would like a new feature: to be able to bookmark specific articles, or create a reading list from them (or more than one reading list)--to store a collection of links (possibly organized in folders).

I know I can do this in my browser, but I think it'd be more convenient to do it in the seekingalpha website / app.

1) I often use the app on my phone to browse for articles I want to read, but because it's harder to read there, I'd prefer to read it on my tablet, later. I would like the ability to save a short-term reading list.

2) I often come across articles that I'd like to keep for later because they have specific information that's not timely but is instead informative. I currently am using my browser's bookmarks capability to store these, but that's a bit of a pain.


Sort my portfolio by most active stocks

StockMaven55 3 years ago in Website updated by kilroys 3 months ago 7

Please let me sort my portfolio by the most active stocks, not only alphabetically.


Having trouble staying logged in. Everytime I try a different link, it requires a new login.

RicJensen 1 year ago in Website updated by SA Dave Schechter 1 year ago 3

Any link take me back to login screen or a small window pops up that says fail


Keep getting logged out

Opportunist 1 year ago in Website updated by small town investor 12 months ago 14

I use SA everyday, all through the day. I've never had this issue:  I keep getting logged out.  I log in and it's fine until I click to another page and then I see I am logged out.  It started about a half hour ago. Just prior to that I was getting various errors (and't remember the errors the site through off) on some pages.

Under review

Saving chart settings?

John Womack 2 years ago in Website updated by Bruceman17 2 months ago 7

Love the charts on here but can't find a way to save the chart settings.  Have to select the chart preferences for each ticker symbol (candle bars, moving average, rsi, etc...)

Under review

Likes column

dividendhigh 2 years ago in Website updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 2 years ago 3

A couple of days ago I noticed I can no longer obtain the list of who likes any SA comments by clicking on the dropdown column "Likes". Is this a change in the website- or is it something that I inadvertently changed? I like to be able to see who "likes" a comment.