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Create New Instablog Link

MTRIG 5 years ago in Website updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 5 years ago 1

When I look for the link to write a new instablog it seems it takes me 10 minutes to find it. I go to Profile > Instablog but there is no link, then I look around more and more.

Finally I click one of my older Instablogs, and I see a link there to create a new one. It seems if I did not have an existing instablog post there would be no link.

Please place a link to the Create Instablog somewhere that is more visable / useable or let me know where this feature exists other than on clicking on an old post.


Symbol and pricing display are misaligned on Safari

FlugHerr 5 years ago in Website updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 5 years ago 8

In my portfolio view the symbols and prices are are displaying properly. MacBook Air with Safari


Our developers are currently working on this bug and hope to have it resolved shortly.


Why isn't there a Home link to navigate back to the home page?

ron_paulite 5 years ago in Website updated by SA Daniel Makover 5 years ago 1

Almost all websites have a Home link at the top to navigate back to the home or front page. The previous Seeking Alpha site also had it.

Please bring it back.

SA Daniel Makover 5 years ago

You can go back to the home page by clicking on the Home Icon on the top left corner of the screen.

If you continue to experience difficulties please send us an email to:


Get rid of the chat window in Premium articles;

Mike worrel 5 years ago in Website updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 4 years ago 5

If i open 5 articles from premium authors, chat window is opened on all them and sound is annoying (make the sound mute by default) or removing chat which is a better solution. If anyone wants to chat, one can open a separate window for chatting.


Hi Mike,

If you mute the chat in the upper right corner it will remember your setting on all future windows/tabs you open. If you are subscribed to multiple services, the mute doesn't carry over from service to service - you have to adjust volume once per service as users may want to get a ping on one service and not another at a given time.

You can also minimize the chat window next to the sound button - though this is required in each window/tab you have open. Many users have indicated that they prefer to have chat open in all their windows by default so 'they don't miss anything'.

Hope this helps.


Under review

Can't see article comments

BRosst 5 years ago in Website updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 4 years ago 3

for past three days I haven't been able to see comments for any articles.


Chart load speeds...

thet0nzz 5 years ago in Website updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 5 years ago 1

Is there any way SA can speed up the load time for its charts...both the standard chart and especially the advanced one. One thing investors truly hate is to WAIT!



Thanks for your feedback.

For the advanced chart, we are working with our partner, TradingView to improve the load time for the chart. We will update this thread once we release those improvements.

For the standard chart, we haven't heard complaints from other users but we encourage others to comment on this thread if they indeed encounter similar issues.



SA Product Manager


Free emails

13477782 4 months ago in Website 0

I've gotten free emails for almost 10 years now. Why would I start paying for it.

'You've reached your free email limit'. Really? Forget you people.


Comment notification is not appearing

cat2005 6 months ago in Website 0

My comment notification is not indicating I have unread comments, even though I do have unread comments.  See the screenshot.


Sucks all my post moderating even I'm premium?! Canceled

TradeTemp 7 months ago in Website 0

I was many year free subscriber, after all went to premium and what! Can't post all moderating!!! Well Thanks SA I remove premium no anymore enjoy