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How do I import portfolios from other financial institutions? What document formats are you compatible with?

geercom 3 years ago in Website updated by hab777 4 months ago 20

Where and how in Seeking Alpha do I import my portfolios from my other financial institutions? What document formats are you compatible with for that?

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Portfolios not in sync between app and web

johnponder 5 years ago in Website updated by chris sword 3 years ago 8

I have 5 portfolios.  Data from portfolios 1 & 2 show up in the android app but not on the web. Data from portfolio 3 shows up on the web but not in the app.  Portfolios 4 & 5 are in correct sync. An odd synchronization bug.  Have tried un-installing and re-installing android app, and using different browsers for the web, resetting cookies and cache, all to no avail.  


The cost of you PRO plan is beyond unacceptable

Ted's Cat 5 years ago in Website updated by mfreeman775 5 years ago 4

I am currently spending ~$650/yr on subscriptions on your site, and being able to read articles more than 30 days old is critical to my being able to evaluate either an investment idea or an additional subscription service. 

Now if you had the expertise of a dedicated investment news outlet (WSJ, Barron’s, etc.), I can understand that there would be a return on that investment, but most of the articles are not written by an investment professional, let alone an SA staff writer.

If you need additional revenue to maintain and enhance the web site, I would gladly sign up for say $10/mo.  Asking for an additional $900/yr for nothing more than retrieving information stored on a disk drive far is beyond reasonable.

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Need a way to block the commentary from certain annoying (and prolific) readers.

David Fields 5 years ago in Website updated by rjm22 3 years ago 14

Certain commenters are very prolific and repetitive; responses to any counter argument is either ignored by said commenter or given an almost word-for-word repetition of a previous comment, including unsupported links to charts and other irrelevant data. This particular commenter is so prolific and so annoying that I simply no longer want to see anything from this individual, no matter what they say.

SA Jacob Maltz 3 years ago

As of today, muting of users is virtually unlimited (you will be able to mute up to 300 people)


Website layout update/change

DavePer 11 months ago in Website updated by anonymous 4 months ago 30

Why did you change the layout of the websites news feed?  It is much more difficult to scan with eyes to find specific stocks that you are interested in, as well as now appears to limit the quantity of articles it holds in its memory (list)...  Is there an option to use the previous layout?  Frankly, this makes me want to drop my membership & go to another source for news!

SA Jacob Maltz 11 months ago

Hi Gatsu, go to your portfolio and click on the "earnings" tab to see upcoming earnings dates for your stocks and the "Dividend" tab to view the ex divs, payout dates etc.  Click the column headlines to sort.

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The portfolio function is unavailable ("Yikes" graphic appears)

Dividend Sleuth 2 years ago in Website updated by SA Jacob Maltz 2 years ago 1
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Untrack comments/replies on StockTalks

Perkins Cove 5 years ago in Website updated by scotch64 4 years ago 2

I would like to suggest an "Untrack comments", or "Untrack replies" button for StockTalks, similar to the one already being used for articles. I often receive notifications that I have a new reply to an old thread that I have no interest in following any longer. This makes for an unnecessary annoyance.

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Someone Created This Account That Isn't Me

anonymous 2 years ago in Website updated by SA Jacob Maltz 2 years ago 2

Hi, I received an email claiming I signed up for this service - I didn't so I've changed the password and I'd like this account promptly deleted (Don't leave a feedback response saying something was compromised all of my passwords are randomized and different for each site. My email was probably used by a bot creation service.)

SA Jacob Maltz 2 years ago

So if I remove your account, it will not stop the bot from creating another account with your email if it  gets around our bot blocker (which cannot be 100% foolproof).    I did a "block" on the account so the user cannot comment or perform other tasks.

I suggest you just leave it dormant.  If you decide to delete your account anyway, go here


I am getting repeated "Press and Hold" warnings to "prove" I'm not a robot. I do not have enabled and will not enable them. Please get rid of this annoyance.

Superdude0 6 months ago in Website updated by zubbub 6 months ago 2

Reference ID: 842d9ac0-aece-11ec-badd-f1f8ae2dcb5a

This issue has become unbearable. I literally have to click on the "press & hold" button multiple times to no avail.