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Navigation to New comments stopped working

anonymous 6 months ago in Website updated by Timmy41 3 months ago 14

Comments no longer are marked new, so it's impossible to navigate to the new ones only.


Please allow transcripts to not need a Pro membership

Deep Value 1634 2 years ago in Website updated by highreturn 2 years ago 2

I have been a Seeking Alpha member for over 5 years now, and today was the first time I wasn't able to read an earnings conference call transcript because I was not a Pro member.  While I think the use of a pro membership for more in-depth research makes sense, requiring a pro membership for conference call transcripts seems to me like a misstep. I need to know if this will be the status quo, so I can forego seeking alpha and instead just go listen to the calls on the company websites.  Thanks.


All analysis content is now locked for me. It used to be open for all besides pro.

ssasson 2 years ago in Website updated by alexkleinman 9 months ago 2

Content that was available to me without the PRO membership is now blocked for me.

Under review

please reverse the auto signup for following SA interviews,etc following

21793061 2 years ago in Website updated by dixongexpat 2 years ago 15

I didn't ask to follow this stuff.  And it is hard to reverse the signups. 


Unable to see which users clicked Like when mousing over the number.

stocks for profit 2 years ago in Website 0

This problem started yesterday. It's useful to see who liked a comment by mousing over the number next to the Like icon on a comment. A little popup should appear showing a list of users who liked the comment. Now nothing happens. Please fix this.

Under review

"Commented on...." floods StockTalks.

Perkins Cove 2 years ago in Website updated by SA Admin Jonathan Liss 2 years ago 4

"Commented on..." such and such article is being auto-posted to StockTalks, and can't be shut off. These comments are not pertaining to stocks in my portfolio and are useless to me. Also, the high volume of these robo posts are triggering too quick refreshes of the new StockTalks page, making typing of posts and replies difficult. Please remove them, or allow us to control them in some way.


Website malfunction.

a neuffer 3 months ago in Website updated by TrevorHealSA 2 months ago 16

Website crashes and/or freezes and/or re-locates me to different area of article. I thought this may be due to high volume usage, but this occurs seven days a week and all times of the day. This problem seems to be getting more severe as time passes.

SA Jacob Maltz 3 months ago

Hi folks, the common denominator across all of you who are having this issue is that you use the Edge browser from Microsoft.  Please try this in Google Chrome and let me know if the problem is resolved for you.  Please note that Microsoft plans this year to replace Edge with a new browser which is really just Google Chrome inside.




Orange color for new posts and Essential authors is confusing

SWinCA 3 months ago in Website updated by AlieGee 2 months ago 8

It is very handy to quickly scroll through articles with lots of posts to find the handful of new posts. However, your putting an orange banner for the Essential authors makes this much more difficult than it needs to be. Please consider a different color for one of the two notices. Thank you.