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Manfred M. 2 years ago in Website updated by Ken800 1 year ago 2


would love to have a dashboard with all the relevant major data like

- commodities (like gold, crude, copper etc.(

- treasury rates

- most important indexes like Nasdaq, SP500, Futures

 - most important currencies

With that one could get a quick glance and overview of the market in general




trending articles

midu 2 years ago in Website 0

where can I find 'trending articles' that I may have missed?


Data broken on country ETFs page

Adam Jackson 2 years ago in Website 0

See all the zeroes in the table screenshot below.

Also, what happened to $ARGT, $AGT etc? Are they not included because this is an advertising module, or for another reason?


website design

CalvinTrager 2 years ago in Website 0

"To Top" Button

When looking through comments some have 100+ it would be so nice to be able to go to the top by clicking on a floating "to the top" button. I mainly view on a PC.

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Missing stock quotes.

krakalaka 2 years ago in Website updated 2 years ago 2

A week now.


Upload Word File will NOT ADD the contents to the story, it will REPLACE the content you've written

Carlos Sava, CFA 2 years ago in Website 0

This is a misleading description when composing an article, especially when it continually autosaves, so anything written will be lost.

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Company Statistics in Articles

Jenny Reilly-Seivert 2 years ago in Website updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 2 years ago 2

The most recent site update got rid of the useful company statistics in the right hand rail when viewing an article.  I care much more to see quick information on marketcap 52week hi/lo and the old information instead of the Average Sentiment.  Please add this information back to the right hand rail when on company specific articles.