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Upload Word File will NOT ADD the contents to the story, it will REPLACE the content you've written

Carlos Sava, CFA 2 years ago in Website 0

This is a misleading description when composing an article, especially when it continually autosaves, so anything written will be lost.

Under review

Company Statistics in Articles

Jenny Reilly-Seivert 3 years ago in Website updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 3 years ago 2

The most recent site update got rid of the useful company statistics in the right hand rail when viewing an article.  I care much more to see quick information on marketcap 52week hi/lo and the old information instead of the Average Sentiment.  Please add this information back to the right hand rail when on company specific articles.  

Under review

navs going missing?

gonecycling 3 years ago in Website updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 3 years ago 7

Mutual Fund prices are gradually disappearing. First to vanish was VTINX, then 2 days later, VTWNX. 

Have you been fired by Vanguard?  Who's next to go?

The symbols still appear in my portfolio - but the only data remaining is the number of shares I entered.

What gives?  


I keep unchecking stocks on my portfolio list but then the check mark shows back up

Gagged! 3 years ago in Website 0

So, as a result, I keep getting unwanted emails about stocks that I have unchecked and don't want to receive updates on. Can you fix this please.


Tesla detractors may be all the same people

Lance 3 years ago in Website 0

The large number of people that all of a sudden are coming out of the woodwork to downgrade Tesla seems suspicious to me. I think that their validity should be looked into. These articles are reported to be from people that have no financial interest in the company  but then why are they so vehemently opposed to Tesla. Also writing styles seem to be eerily similar. Their “facts” are taken out of context and the analysis are just too slick to be from Joe The Guy Off the Street. I suspect they are being written by outside players like the Koch brothers  Seeking Alpha (like Facebook) may be a witting or unwitting participant in this scam. 

Under review

How do I turn off desktop notifications in chrome.

dkellison 4 years ago in Website updated by 2 years ago 13

When I undo in settings and exit out, it reappears as turned back on when i go back in to settings