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Symbols in portfolio just suddenly disappeared.

whatgoesup... 5 years ago in Website updated by mmc1968 4 years ago 4

how do you delete a stock symbol from portfolio?

KBettes 5 years ago in Website updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 5 years ago 2

Prompted for "staging" login

gofx 5 years ago in Website updated by Hawkbill54 6 days ago 7

I'm being prompted to log in to but I don't believe I have a login for that... as it does not accept my current one.


How do I update credit card?

ron2368 5 years ago in Website updated by SA Ziv Plotnik 4 years ago 3

Got an email yo update but see no trace of it in my account.

SA Ziv Plotnik 4 years ago


You can update your personal info by clicking on the picture/person icon on the top right hand of the screen, and going to Settings or Profile.


How do I change my E-mail address?

WmHilger1 5 years ago in Website updated by mmacius 4 years ago 1

My screen name is WmHilger1. I have tried MULTIPLE TIMES and ways to notify you of my changed Email URL. As far as I can see, it has NOT been done! Don't you realize that people move and sometimes sign up with new ISPs. Why does everyone make it so difficult? Get with it, you are working with live people who do make changes in their lives!


Automatically Assigned Temporary Password - Poor Security

Robert Lynch 5 years ago in Website 0

After signing up for a new account with my google sign-in I received an email with a laughable 5 character password that I could use to log in from my phone. This is incredibly bad security practice. Emailing me a password is a bad idea. Using a 5 character password is even worse. It would be very easy for new members to miss that email and then just have an insecure password on their account forever.

Either have them enter a password as part of the sign-up process or at the very least generate a password that can't be hacked easily.


How can i change the registered Name in Contributor Details?

Harriman Capital Inc 5 years ago in Website updated by SA Abby Carmel 5 years ago 1

The analyst whose name was used to register this account has left our company and since now i have to upload a photoed ID before i can submit an equity research report, i need to change the name in Contributor Details. Could you please advice how can i do that? Thanks in advance.


Can not use your website without an ad blocker. The ads are so aggressive that I'm visually frightened. Very sad

anonymous 5 years ago in Website updated by rocknroy 4 years ago 2

Sad you are so aggressive, but you screw your customers. Very sad for a wonderful website.

SA Daniel Makover 5 years ago

Thank you for the honest feedback.

We need to show ads in order for us to pay our contributors and provide our users with free quality content. If you do not wish to see ads and still view our content we now offer ad-free version of Seeking Alpha for $9.99 a month.

If you have anymore feedback or problems with the ads we show please email us at:


Earnings listings on stock page

Joe Lunchbox 5 years ago in Website 0

I just wanted to say that I really like the way earnings are listed on the stock's page. Just click on the quarter and all the info and transcripts, etc., are right there for easy use.