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Can't open email links to articles on Android

debbarr 2 years ago in Android App 0

Just started, has been working.

1. Click on the link and something flashes but nothing happens.

2. Copy the link location to a browser.

3. Get "Welcome to Seeking Alpha, please complete your setup with our FREE app. Already have the app? Tap here to open".

4. Already have the app so I tap on "Tap here to open". Nothing happens.

5. When I open the Android app, under "my authors" I do not see all the articles that were in my email. In particular I do not see the articles from my paid subscription service. I don't appear to have any way to see these on the phone now that the email links don't work.

6. I have app v. 4.16.9 and Android 8.0.


SA email

randykey 2 years ago in Android App 0

Why when I get an email from Bret Jensen and I click on it does not take me to the article any longer? Been about 3 weeks of this now, other S.A. emails I am able to access, just not Bret's.


Conference call insg

mak424 2 years ago in Android App 0

Can you publish the last quarter transcript?  I have a ton peoppe thst want to read it


My stock quotes

Jacob 2 years ago in Android App 0

For some reason, all of my stock quotes have gone away? They are normally at the top of the first page but are gone. Any reason why?


Back from portfolio table goes to white screen

njhazelh 2 years ago in Android App 0


1. Click $ button at top right.

2. Click back.

3. See that we didn't return to main screen, and theres a white screen showing.

4. Click back again to return to main screen


Not loading any info since last update, no news either

j.delrio1 2 years ago in Android App updated by anonymous 2 years ago 1

News scrolling

gerryheff72 2 years ago in Android App 0

Upon returning to news feed after reading article I am not in spot where article I just read is but am several hours later. The feature works well in Notification but is very annoying for News . 

I am on new S7 and problem also existed on my older Samsung 



mak424 2 years ago in Android App 0

the nptn q and a call got cut off