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Post post editing of comments on Android tablets

walter scott 3 years ago in Android App 0

Please allow posts to be edited after being posted. I know this can be done if you post from a PC, but currently I can't do it when I use my tab a tablet.

Sometimes the posting process runs the post through the tablet's enhanced spell checker and it gets altered in weird and ghastly ways.


It would be nice if you could order the comments with most recent first.

anonymous 2 weeks ago in Android App updated by HyGro 2 weeks ago 1

It's the best platform for win money

rabaxia 3 weeks ago in Android App 0

My Gov money fund shows loss in portfolio when price does not change

calmak 4 weeks ago in Android App updated 3 weeks ago 3

Please fix. 


Jaguar mining is not right. The value og the stock is to high

anonymous 2 months ago in Android App 0

Wrong value og stock proce



anonymous 3 months ago in Android App 0

Getting notification while they are all disable

Thenutcraker 5 months ago in Android App 0