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can't load portfolio

williamchaber 2 years ago in Android App 0

no thing comes up 


Can't suppress notifications

stephenmueller 2 years ago in Android App 0

I love your app and site, but the notifications have always been somewhat of a mess on my Android phones over the years. 

First, there's the bug in which old notifications that have been cleared, still show up on the list of existing notifications in the Android pop-up. Then for the longest time, notifications just didn't happen at all. Now, notifications seem to be back, although somewhat inconsistent, but the first issue is still there, and now, I can't suppress sound or vibration when I get SA notifications! So even though I've obviously turned off sound and vibration in the settings, I still get a double vibration and sound every time I get a notification... which is too often.

Yes, I have cleared app data/cache more times than I can count. Yes, I have reinstalled often.

The app has so much to offer, but you guys really need to clean up the bugs. 

Thank you.


Why will my portfolio not load?

woh9789 2 years ago in Android App updated 2 years ago 1

No updating 2 years ago in Android App 0

No updating


Sorry but had to unsubscribe. Getting 6,7,8 push notifications got to be too much.

rcleven2003 2 years ago in Android App 0

Way too many push notifications. It's ugly when you get so much selfpromotion. Thanks but no thanks.


Can't remember my password

braddor 2 years ago in Android App 0

I get same notifications over and over

anonymous 2 years ago in Android App 0

stoped working a couple weeks ago


List is only updating at market close.

bobblackhills 2 years ago in Android App 0

Notification s. Same all the time since weeks.

greenbintree 2 years ago in Android App 0

I see the samehead lines popup each day