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Note: We have started to gradually update users to our newly redesigned app for iPhone and iPad. The app should be very familiar to you with many new features already in the app and more to come. The one significant difference is that notifications are now found in the phone's notification center (swipe down from the top to access it) 


How about using extended SD Cards on Android.

Warren58 3 years ago in Android App updated by jazzfan1 5 months ago 1

My Galaxy Tab has only 8 GByte memory with only 4 GByte for use. Most apps can be partialy relocated to an sdcard. Not with SA.


Premium content on android

Nomadiam 3 years ago in Android App updated by SA Editor Daniel Shvartsman 3 years ago 1

There should be an easy way for users to access followed authors and premium content from Android app (or website). Those are the areas that I'd like to have 'quick access' to.

Under review

Make the private messenger better for mobile

WealthHunter 3 years ago in Android App updated by anonymous 10 months ago 4

I have a lengthy discussion going w a buddy of mine in the private messenger, and when I use my mobile (Android) to write to him or read one of his messages, I have to scroll down for literally almost 30 seconds to get to the last of our convo. Perhaps reverse the conversation in private messenger.


Post post editing of comments on Android tablets

walter scott 3 years ago in Android App 0

Please allow posts to be edited after being posted. I know this can be done if you post from a PC, but currently I can't do it when I use my tab a tablet.

Sometimes the posting process runs the post through the tablet's enhanced spell checker and it gets altered in weird and ghastly ways.

Under review

I can only put 5 stocks

anonymous 5 months ago in Android App updated by SA Jacob Maltz 5 months ago 1

It will let me put 5 stocks in the portfolio. 



honda94 5 months ago in Android App 0

It would be nice if you could order the comments with most recent first.

anonymous 6 months ago in Android App updated by HyGro 6 months ago 1

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rabaxia 6 months ago in Android App 0