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Android app won't show in recent apps screen.

mabrams8 2 years ago in Android App updated by shaipatel 1 year ago 8

I have to click the icon from the home screen to return to SA each time after switching to a different app.  Really annoying when bouncing between SA and other apps.

Under review

Not receiving notification

Jimmy Goh 2 years ago in Android App updated by anonymous 2 months ago 17

Not receiving notification on one plus 5 since two days ago.

SA Jacob Maltz 6 months ago

Navigate to the notifications tab in the app and it will then prompt you to enable push notifications.


New Update not Showing Percentage Change on My Portfolio

anonymous 1 year ago in Android App updated by anonymous 1 year ago 1

Today's update took away the ability to see the percentage change in stocks I am following. It is annoying that you guys took this away. Is there a way to bring this feature back?

Under review

Night reading mode

almaz.aimukatov 2 years ago in Android App updated by bbig 1 year ago 7

Could you please make a night reading mode into app? Thank you creating such great website!

Under review

Scroll indicator missing

dwhitoaker 2 years ago in Android App updated by Maya Natan 1 year ago 4

Since update some weeks ago, the scrolling indicator has been missing.  Also, more recently articles open to a random position of the article.   This misbehavior which precludes knowing how long the article is, or where to scroll to return to previous area very time wasting to your audience. PLEASE FIX THIS.   If you do not intend to fix, I'm out of here.

Maya Natan 1 year ago

Thank you for reporting - We are working on it.

In the meantime, please update the app. Make sure you are installing version 4.18.2.

If you already installed 4.18.2 and the problem persists, try reinstalling.

Under review

notifications tab not loading

Dr. Analyst 1 year ago in Android App updated by Illinois Bob 12 months ago 5

notifications tab on mobile app is not loading up

nothing comes up


Partial shares

RobertDarin 10 months ago in Android App 0

Bug: the portfolio session does not allow you to add partial shares for your investments. This is a bug if this site is supposed to mimic a vast majority of brokers that do support partial shares. Thank you in advance.


Dark theme

anonymous 12 months ago in Android App 0

Would love a dark theme! Better on the battery

Under review

Needs dark mode

Jason blodgett 1 year ago in Android App updated by Maya Natan 1 year ago 1

Dark. Mode.


Cant scroll down on my portfolio, the new update

provher06 1 year ago in Android App 0

This new update is not working.... i stoped using the app... because I scroll down and it automatically pops up...