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DARK MODE! Please:)

Imacomputer 1 year ago in Android App 0

Please make a dark mode for the android app


Dark mode

Andrey Nazarchuk 1 year ago in Android App 0

Please add an option for dark mode


Dark mode in the app

ninevoca 2 years ago in Android App 0

Dark mode extends battery life on phones with OLED displays, which mean we could spend more time on seeking alpha! Could you please add such an option ? Thanks!


Dark mode welcome to 2019

anonymous 2 years ago in Android App updated by marcos_m 2 months ago 8
SA Jacob Maltz 1 year ago

Good news is that we are planning to implement Dark Mode in our brand new rewritten apps that are being released first for iOS and then Android.   We are releasing the apps without dark mode initially, but please be patient, it is on our roadmap.

Under review

Stocks not updating it only me?

Bullshort 3 years ago in Android App updated by anonymous 3 years ago 6

app not working?

Under review

Terrible up date for Android

nrb 1 year ago in Android App updated by jerrysellers 1 year ago 14

Absolutely insane update for Android users...guess SA doesn't care.  Called their customer service number and told me they get bsck to me in 10 minutes but nothing yet and tgat was hours ago...


Font size baf

Panic Button 1 year ago in Android App updated by mark windyka 1 year ago 4

New app today:  font size on news article is wrong.   Too large. Too much wasted space between lines.  Need a plus minus to adjust font size.

SA Maya Natan 3 years ago

Thank you for your message and I apologize for the inconvenience. 

Please update the app. Make sure you are installing version 4.18.2.

If you already installed 4.18.2 and the problem persists, try reinstalling.


Forcing premium sunscription

anonymous 5 months ago in Android App updated by anonymous 5 months ago 8

Please stop forcing the premium subscription on every article on me. I can't read anything on the app unless I subscribe so I'm forced to go to the mobile website to read anything. I couldn't even read the 5 "free" premium articles because of this issue. Please stop or I will just uninstall the app and use the mobile website instead. Thank you


Go back to previous design. Please.

anonymous 1 year ago in Android App updated by Jimmy_Newyork 1 year ago 3