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Premarket Prices Missing

laurenkitces 2 years ago in iPhone App updated by Maya Natan 2 years ago 16

My phone just updated to the new version and I now don’t have premarket or postmarket prices, only percentages. Why did you remove this? Seeing only percentages is really annoying and to remove that seems completely unnecessary.


Version 3.8.3 is not connecting to SA

scott 3 years ago in iPhone App updated by Jeff Raines 3 years ago 6

Latest version has connection errors on IOS 11 on iPhone X.

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Notification doesn’t work after update seeking alpha app. Running latest iOS

ss10gokuh 3 years ago in iPhone App updated by Usiris 2 years ago 4

Dark mode on iPhone!!!

phoenixt157 1 year ago in iPhone App updated by fotkin 1 year ago 3

Please please please add Dark Mode theme for iPhone and Android apps. please. it can’t be that hard or take that long. My eyes are getting destroyed by this annoying all white theme whether it’s day or night.


Dark mode

mmuzic12 11 months ago in iPhone App 0

Any chance you can update the app with a dark mode option? 


The latest iPhone update sucks

AspiretoRetire 2 years ago in iPhone App 0

Does anyone at SA test new versions of the SA App before listing them in the App Store?  The latest version is an absolute horror show.  I have a 6s and the latest version of the operating system, and the app simply does not work any more on my phone.  Whoever is responsible for quality control on these releases should be fired and replace with anyone more competent, which probably includes the pimple-faced high school geek down the street from me.  This version is just an atrocity.


Night mode

ryan996 3 years ago in iPhone App updated by NecessityMadeMeDividendInvesto 2 years ago 1

Have a dark theme as well as a light theme.  The current light theme is too bright to look at in the dark with the white background.  

Under review

Stock price not populating in iPad iPhone app update looks & works fine.

The Elder Investor 3 years ago in iPhone App updated by anonymous 2 years ago 8

iPad app shows price change in dollars then percentage, with no actual stock price for each stock in portfolio. Updated iPhone app looks to be working fine.


New portfolio has less data :(

mdweisz 3 years ago in iPhone App updated by Maya Natan 2 years ago 4

I liked the old portfolio where you could see the price change, percentage, and graph all at the same time. Now the graph is gone, and you have to toggle between seeing percent and price change. 

Also, it is rounding the price for some.

I much preferred the old portfolio, and this new one is not usable due to the rounding. 

Maya Natan 2 years ago

Thank you for your message and I apologize for the inconvenience. 
Please reinstall the app. Make sure you are installing version 3.8.8.
If you already installed 3.8.8 and the problem persists, try to log out and log in again.

Under review

There is no data for individual stocks. The trading price of shares is not shown in the Portfolio view. The most recent updates have rendered the app pretty much 50% useless.

rickspulito 3 years ago in iPhone App updated by Maya Natan 2 years ago 6

I view the SA app on the iPad. Functionality has been crippled as of the last few updates. This will cause many of us to move on. Will there be any fixes to these (most aggravating) issues?

Maya Natan 3 years ago

Thank you for reporting. We are currently working on the iPad fix.