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Can we have an older version back?

donald.poindexter 3 years ago in iPhone App 0

Since the latest version of the app is effectively nonfunctional, how about putting a newer number on an older (working) version and push it out until you can fix the newer version?



Notifications are not working I am up to 128 I can not view!!

cab4fab 2 years ago in iPhone App updated by Victory2nd 1 year ago 11
hadsperry 2 years ago

Reload the seekingalpha app. It worked for me. Notifications will start working.


Comments do not load for most articles - iPhone 8 - recent problem. Also the News menu item displays nothing

BA-0310 9 months ago in iPhone App updated by SA Kateryna Kovrizhenko 9 months ago 19

Please fix this - extremely annoying.  Comments should not be difficult to display 


Hi, we released a fix for it the issue with comments, could you all please remove and re-install the app back.

The issue should be solved.

Please let me know if you still experience the issue!

Under review

New format is terrible! Any way to go back???

WSLegend 9 months ago in iPhone App updated by Gary J is Rich on AMZN 2 weeks ago 7

Awful change! What was the purpose?

Any way to go back to the old format?

SA Jacob Maltz 5 months ago

Hi Steve, First of all thank you so much for being a loyal fan (and a Premium subscriber), and I am sorry that the home page change is bothering you.  We studied the usage of this page and people overwhelmingly use the Trending News and Analysis sections which is why we placed them at the top.

I will share with you a few tips, in case your were not aware, sorry if this was obvious already....

1. Our goal was to provide more indexes and futures especially while the market is closed, and also much clearer charts with more options than we had before.  If you want to see the charts for Dow, S&P and Nasdaq, you do not need to click on the blue links to go to the symbol page, just click as shown to toggle the charts: 

2. If you don't read the trending news and analysis ( and are only interested in the portfolio and market indices, then perhaps the portfolio tab is a better choice ? We recently added a convenient button to jump to your headlines, and the "All portfolios" view provides headlines across all portfolios. 
3. We wanted to add back the side by side format of the portfolio to the home page since people liked that format in the old portfolio page.  The portfolio headlines are now higher up than they used to be in the old home page, even though the prices are lower.  
4.  There is a workaround if you like a more compact experience, use Ctrl - to shrink the size and Ctrl + to increase it. We will be creating a more permanent version of this text size setting, but we are focused on getting accessibility to work for mobile first, since on desktop there is this workaround.

Hope this helps,.

All the best,


Awaiting Customer Reply

The new fonts/icons look way too large! Don’t like at all!

DeejL 10 months ago in iPhone App updated by BuyNhold99 2 months ago 12

This app used to be absolutely awesome with crisp, clear and very aesthetically pleasing UI. The latest update seems to have completely broken the UI (tickers too large, portfolio view cuts off on the right, fonts look absolutely hideous)! To top that, there are NO in-app setting option for me to reduce the font size at all!!! What have you done to this once beautiful app? Very disappointing. 

SA Jacob Maltz 10 months ago

Thanks so much for your feedback.

Could you please send a screenshot of what it looks like for you ?  We want to make the experience as great as possible.  I can tell you it looks great for us, but you are obviously having a different experience.   Is it just the portfolio, what about other screens in the app ?  Thanks for your help.   You can email screenshots directly to me at


iOS App crashing when clicked on any ticker in a portfolio

anonymous 2 years ago in iPhone App updated by anonymous 2 years ago 5

App is crashing as soon as I clicked on any one of the ticker in my profile. 

Under review

It was better when both the price change amount and percentage were shown

anonymous 3 years ago in iPhone App updated by Maya Natan 2 years ago 3

latest update requires toggling between dollar and percentage. 

Maya Natan 2 years ago

To toggle the % and $ change - tap the red/green box. 

Under review

I hope you can add "my follows" on the app to let me review all the articles by my loved authers.

shengyu137 4 years ago in iPhone App updated by SA Ziv Plotnik 4 years ago 1

I have followed a few authers and I would to read their past articles on my phone. However, I couldn't find the entrance of this. I suppose it should be in my personal account, maybe named as "My followings". I want to click on their names and read all their analysis.

SA Ziv Plotnik 4 years ago


Thank you for your feedback.

Unfortunately we do not currently support this feature, but we will consider adding it in the future.

We encourage other users to up-vote or comment on this thread to help us prioritize which features we build.



Hi all,

I will try to answer some of the queries raised above.

The new portfolio page is packed with a lot of useful features while keeping everything that you loved about the old portfolio.
1. JUMP TO ARTICLES - You can jump to articles related to your portfolio by clicking on 'View Headlines' on the far right or you can collapse your list of stocks by clicking on your portfolio name (Portfolio 1, in this case) and clicking 'All Portfolio'

2 EDIT HOLDINGS - You can edit shares in a lot by clicking on shares and then choose to edit or add lots:




3. SORT ALPHABETICALLY - You can also arrange your stocks alphabetically by clicking on the symbol column, and then arrange them in ascending/descending order and you can also have a custom sort on any other column like 'Change %', 'Volume' etc. Your desired sorting will be saved by default.

Additionally, you can view a lot of helpful metrics like Earnings (to track earnings call date), Growth, Performance etc. that will aid you in managing your portfolio.
I'm sure in due time you will find the new portfolio page very useful and friendly.

Kushal Mehrotra

Data QA Analyst, Seeking Alpha



CannU 9 months ago in iPhone App updated by nrb 7 months ago 11

Please go back to having a notifications inbox like with the old app. The new way makes it unnecessarily complicated to access the notifications.

SA Jacob Maltz 7 months ago

Currently, you can access all notifications by swiping down from the top of your phone to see the notification center.   You can also see all articles on stocks that you follow, including those you already read, inside the portfolio tab.