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Difficult to read

glkupper 1 year ago in iPhone App 0

At the very top of your app you have the indices. They are in red numbers  and a black background. The numbers are too small to read


Hasn’t worked in 2-3 weeks?!

ardie67 1 year ago in iPhone App 0

Too bad.  useless app now.  Hasn’t worked in 4 upgrades.  And no real effort to fix it it seems.  


How do I navigate to the home page and see the new features added today?

lancemandh 1 year ago in iPhone App 0

There is no actual “home” on my app or I’m missing something????


Last Upgrade Problem

Big Q 1 year ago in iPhone App 0

After the last upgrade I cannot access Seeking Alpha.  I get a message that says my iPhone cannot connect to Seeking Alpha.  Can you fix this?   


App no longer works after update

linandtom 1 year ago in iPhone App 0

will not accept email sign in


Company data is missing in latest update. Area blank. Great! Ipad

mmcdonald607 1 year ago in iPhone App 0

The app also crashes a lot, even before this update. iPad pro


Portfolio missing pre/post-market prices

Jimbo 1 year ago in iPhone App 0

The Portfolio page is missing pre/post-market prices on the latest iOS app on my iPad Pro. It shows up on my iPhone X. If I tap on the price on the iPad to toggle, instead it takes me to a detailed quote, it doesn't show post data like the iPhone does.