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Wall Street Breakfast

anonymous 1 year ago in iPhone App • updated by anonymous 6 months ago 4

Not receiving Wall Street Breakfast since 5-Jan-18 within the app itself.  Receiving no notifications for them either (privacy settings allow, and slider turned on for WSB).  Please advise....


Mobile App

kwatermanfx 1 year ago in iPhone App 0

My mobile app always listed the daily "notifications" & I would see a number in red (8, 9, etc) on the app alerting me I had unread notifications.  That all stopped on 12/27.  I no longer get notifications on my mobile app. How can I get this back? I didn't change any settings.


Notifications not updating

Shawn 1 year ago in iPhone App 0

My notifications are stuck on Nov 7 and won't update. If I clear them, they come back again, up to Nov7 but not past. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling but same issue. I'm on a iPhone SE running 10.3.3.


When will you add ticker CNNE? I’ve been waiting months

Value Shmalue 1 year ago in iPhone App • updated by SA Editor Mohit Manghnani 1 year ago 1

One of my symbols $AMTD is showing in notifications

rrkuchar 1 year ago in iPhone App 0

Even though it does not appear in the story


Portfolio! Plz. Fix adding stocks Last two months I can’t add new tikers to portfolios

Aigars 1 year ago in iPhone App 0

last 2-3 months I can’t add new stocks to portfolio 


Software indexing problem

snoofy 1 year ago in iPhone App 0

I swipe to the right and “delete” appears. I hit “delete”. The stock I swipe is not deleted but the stock under it is. I do this several times with different stocks in the list and it happens each time. A similar problems: I hit a stock and it “opens” the stock below it to show the graph data etc. All this only occasionally happens, usually after I have added a new stock. Your software has an indexing problem. It sometimes does not keep tract of where it is in the list after a stock has been added to the list.