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Note: We have started to gradually update users to our newly redesigned app for iPhone and iPad. The app should be very familiar to you with many new features already in the app and more to come. The one significant difference is that notifications are now found in the phone's notification center (swipe down from the top to access it) 


Reverse comment sort to show new comments on top

Lvrgd2Hlt 2 years ago in iPhone App 0

Allow to toggle the sort order of comments to show new comments on top.


Scroll to bottom on iOS to read new messages.

Lvrgd2Hlt 2 years ago in iPhone App 0

Some articles have 200-300 comments, and to see the new comments you have to scroll through many pages which takes a while on a phone.  Suggest to add a button to scroll to the bottom.


Down is up, and up is down

nickbiondolillo15 2 years ago in iPhone App 0

To whom it may concern, 

Since the new update, stocks that are up are reporting red, and stocks that are down are reported as green


Not able to enter symbol into list

luscombe222 2 years ago in iPhone App 0

I am not able to enter any stock symbols into my lists, example GE...

Under review

Update Fannie Mae logo please—I can send the contact information at Fannie Mae if you reach out to me

jenny b 2 years ago in iPhone App updated 2 years ago 2

Fannie Mae changed it’s logo several years ago


Portfolio watch

anonymous 2 years ago in iPhone App updated by SA Aleksandra Eskova 2 years ago 1

I added a symbol to the list but it doesn’t show up.  When I use the + to try again it says I’m already following it..?  


Opening email link not redirecting to SeekingAlpha app

Max Gittelman 2 years ago in iPhone App 0

As stated above, when I click on any link from my SeekingAlpha newsletters the links are never redirected to the app but instead to my browser. This didn’t use to happen Any idea why this would be happening?


Can't get to DCC content from my iPhone!

anonymous 2 years ago in iPhone App 0

Hi, new subscriber to Digital Coin Collective; works fine on my Windows 10 PC. Have the SA app installed in my iPhone, and have logged in with it (can see watch list research, etc). 

BUT nothing I do will get me to DCC content...stuck in Safari in a log-in loop! 

Can you help me please?


Not receiving alerts on my iPad

tennis111 2 years ago in iPhone App 0

I'm still receiving new article alerts on my iPhone, but they stopped arriving on my iPad 4 days ago.  All of my settings appear to be correct on my iPad.  Can you look into this for me?  Thanks.