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Live Chat in App

Blackbox777 4 years ago in iPhone App updated by SA Jacob Maltz 4 years ago 1

Is there a way to look at Authors live chat within the App?


iOS app taking looong time to load

Carl van Rossum 4 years ago in iPhone App 0

since several months the app will freeze often at opening, or take a long time to load, like 3 minutes, if it doesn't crash. this on fast internet wifi connection. It is sometimes helped by shutting down the app, but not always. It makes it impractical to use the app. I am reverting back to using the online web browser version. I prefer using the app like it works fine last summer.

iOS 10.2 on iPad Mini 2


Customer Care is NOT Answering

jlahyani 3 weeks ago in iPhone App 0

Sadly, SA is yet another company that does reply to its customers in time.

I wrote to cc about a flagrant bug, with screenshots and nobody replies more 3 days after.

The bug is that I cannot link my account at interactive brokers, the app doesn't pass the recaptcha, no images are shown, I have to exit the process....

But as said, no one at SA cares!

I've paid my subscription to premium but I start regretting 

Under review

want to delete Premium trial

anonymous 3 months ago in iPhone App updated 3 months ago 3

Customer Service

Joe Gaudino 6 months ago in iPhone App updated by Friendorfoe 1 month ago 1

i had premium but it was not allowing me access. I have tried to contact you but your customer service is inadequate and the site provides no help or service function. Now you have charged my card $699. I want my money refunded. This is borderline criminal to offer no support and then charge this amount with no communication.


App not working

Groovy baby 7 months ago in iPhone App 0

The app isn’t working properly. It’s zoomed in. I can’t read the articles. It cuts off. This INCLUDES when I rotate my iPhone

Under review

Your text has no right margin and is not viewable on iPhone

bsp01 7 months ago in iPhone App updated by anonymous 6 months ago 3