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Portfolio stock prices not displaying

bassem 12 months ago updated by mowev 5 months ago 133
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How can I find the number of times an Instablog is opened?

Jozsef Pengel 3 years ago updated by mowev 5 months ago 6

How can I find the number of times an Instablog is opened? If this is not possible, please add this function?


By turn all old aricles 'Pro' you have just limited your user experience and will lose users

coroscant72 2 years ago updated by MisterEC 2 years ago 11

In an attempt to monetize your product you just pushed your users away.  You're best bet is to monetize through advertisement and have as open a community attracting as many users as possible.  By instead trying to monetize the content from the user rather than advertising to them, you will limit how often an article is viewed, lower the amount you can charge for advertising, frustrate the users and encourage them to get their information somewhere else, and would encourage a rival page that doesn't suffer from the audacity of charging their users for what used to be free content.

You don't have to believe me.  I know you track your users.  See how many less articles are loaded over the next month or the next quarter.  See how much less your advertisers are going to want to pay for such limited exposer.  See your business model crumble by one incredible stupid mistake.

I hope you don't take a full quarter to figure this out.  It might start a spiraling trend  that you won't be able to get out of.  I wouldn't want to be the one how came up with this idea....

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Undo the newest comments first; go back to oldest so that we can follow the conversation

armistead2010 6 months ago updated by MoS35 6 months ago 38

New Pro Plan will reduce article comments, which are the life blood of Seeking Alpha

stocksman99 2 years ago updated by pjorgy 2 years ago 15

I am concerned that locking out the majority of investors with a high priced Pro plan to Seeking Alpha will destroy the main reason I go to this site.  And this is the comments under each article.  I find these comments more valuable at times than the article itself. With less people being able to participate in the comments, Seeking Alpha will be less valuable to me, and not worth the subscription cost.  If the same level of comments were there, I might consider a subscription, but the participation in the comments areas are now assured to wither away and die.

 I can't tell you how many great comments shot holes in the articles, or gave alternative stocks that ended up the real winners.  Don't discount the importance of the large group of non-subscribers that used to comment in the articles.  You need to go back to the non-subscription model to return this great content and participation.  I would not consider a subscription to Seeking Alpha with a depleted comments section.

This forcing a subscription will destroy the fabric of Seeking Alpha that we all learned to love.

Hope this note gets to the right people.  Seeking Alpha may not have realized the serious unintended consequences of a forced subscription model!

Anyone agree or disagree, please post here. 


Why do we have to pay for articles now that were once free?

igetmoney62245 2 years ago updated by anonymous 2 months ago 26

Is this a money grab?  I am not paying for articles that were once free.  Go back to the old way, and make money like every other large internet site through ads 


Been unable to see which users Like which comments since late yesterday.

stocks for profit 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 11

Floating over the Like number no longer shows a bubble listing recent users who liked a comment. What happened? Is something broken on SA?

Under review

I see that "My Feed" is not coming up / displaying this morning. What's up?

Henry Miles 2 years ago updated by memer_dreamer 12 months ago 26




Long4now 3 years ago updated by Schall 2 years ago 36
SA Jacob Maltz 2 years ago

Hi Schall, I can see your portfolio in our system so it has not disappeared. Try to restart your browser and log in again and make sure you use the same user email that you use on the app. If you still have a problem, email


Putting articles older than 10 days behind a PRO paywall makes this site a LOT less useful.

TwoPeeTwenty 2 years ago updated by Charliedog2 2 years ago 6

 And I'm sorry, but $75/mo is way too expensive for SA content. 95% of SA articles are just people touting whatever viewpoint supports their current trading position.