can't seem to stay signed in for more than an hour and when I try to maneuver the site I get the "I am not a robot" thing and it takes me several minutes to maybe get back in. Whats the real problem? I find I use Seeking Alpha less and less now.&sso_toke

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Find it hard to get signed in and stay signed in. The "I am NOT a Robot" comes up too often and it takes too long to get through the routine, and within an hour I am trying to sign in or get through the damn robot thing. I am legitimately signed, but can't stay in. I find I am now using Seeking Alpha less, as it is too time consuming and frustrating to use my time efficiently.


Today has been nothing but trying to sign in and get through stupid robot routine. Takes 15 minutes for sign in to recognize me and can't even do one item search or page change and get dumb Robot routine again. I can't even keep Seeking Alpha open long enough to write a complaint.


Similar problem, but not quite.  The emails read from the desktop Gmail client in Chrome always result in the hated "Please click “I am not a robot” to continue" recaptcha page, but reading from the mobile chrome (android) does not.  Similarly, reading from the Desktop Opera Browser reads fine.  This implied it was from an extension that was blocking access. It turned out that it was a security/cookie manager extension that reset the browser every time.

If this happens to you, check your extensions and either disable the extension or disable it for the Seeking Alpha site.

I was initially flummoxed since Seeking Alpha was the only site that it seemed to interfere with.


I guess my problem isn't as bad since I don't get the robot, but the site/service is irritating. I will be signed in. An email comes in from SA with an article, etc. I click on the article or stock mentioned and it opens to SA, but I am not on a signed in page. When I hover on the round circle icon in the upper right corner it shows inbox profile articles read, but not my user name above the column. I have to sign out on the bottom of the column and resign in again to read the article. VERY frustrating t have to sign in multiple times when I am already signed in. I would not recommend SA.