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It's been years since we spoke.  But I've got to say what you have built here is getting better and better.  I do have some ideas

  • Allow users to "share/post" their portfolios.  Including some brief rationale for each holding.  This could create virtual content, attract commentary and comments.  Which would sharpen and force everyone to defend their positions.  Which would be a good thing for the user. 
  • Integrate with trading platforms.  I wish I could hit buy or sell from SA, or see analysis from SinkorSwim.  A portfolio should be based on a live link. Buy a stock, it should show up, with the purchase value, and I should be able to enter my sell point... 
  • Offer a risk/diversification tool.  By style, country, industry, interest rate, commodity.... various exposures can be tested, which allow certain risks to be hedged. 

SA Admin Kushal Mehrotra
  • Under review

Hi Kotis, 

Thanks for writing in, I will convey your message to David Jackson.

Kushal Mehrotra

Data QA Analyst, Seeking Alpha