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ollievanwalsem 2 years ago in iPhone App updated by Maya Natan 2 years ago 3

dear sir/madam, the app hadnt been working properly for the last few weeks. I erased it from my iphone, as adviced in this blog, but now the app wants to make a whole new account, even though I am already a paying customer with an existing account. What should I do. 

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update. So I try to log in and then it says fill out your email address to create a new account or login. I do and then it says create a new password, while I want to log in. 

I've sent you a reset password email.

please reset the password on your phone browser and try to login with the password you choose. 

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No need for new account. You probably didn't enter the correct email address.

If you can't remember which account you used to register, please type in the email address you are using to receive email alerts from Seeking Alpha with.

If you forgot your password you can always recover it by entering your email address and on the password screen tap on “Forgot Password”. You will get an email from Seeking Alpha with a One-Click Setup link. This will log you back in.