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Saving chart settings?

John Womack 1 year ago in Website • updated by Just Some Guy 1 year ago 3

Love the charts on here but can't find a way to save the chart settings.  Have to select the chart preferences for each ticker symbol viewed...ie (candle bars, moving average, rsi, etc...)

Under review


We don't currently have this option, but it's a great suggestion and we'll consider adding it.

Without the ability to save the indicators/chart settings, I doubt this feature is usable.

I just realized how nice the charts are - but I believe also noted earlier the lack of ability to save settings, in particular to save URL for each symbol with settings, etc.  I might then have other wishlist items too, but that is by far the most important.  And relatively easy, as such things go.  No doubt the problem is just your licensing agreement with the chart provider, they want $$ for a feature they must already have.  Hmm, maybe I should look up their site!  Hmm, nice!  But their save function looks a little funky even there.  Well, talk to them!  Thanks.