Recent Phone App Update a Disaster

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Worst update I've seen.  Can no longer see the value of my portfolio.  Can no longer see the articles related to just the stocks I've selected.  Can still see the articles of reported I follow, but this update is a disaster.  I can't see my portfolio value and I can't filter articles relevant to my portfolio.  What's the point of this App?


just saw your comment on this.  I had no idea you'd responded because there's nothing when I open it up to tell me there is a response.  It's buried somewhere in the App and I can't find it again.  That's a BUG.  Let me know when there's an updated response.  You have my email.

Serioisly, the fix is to rotate my phone and mysteriously new columns become available to scroll right?  Thats a BUG also.  It should be available to scroll to whether the phone is verticle or horizontal.

Good luck.  Maybe I'll be able to find your response next time.