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Please bring back the previous phone version, it's impossible to go through notifications on the new version and there is no way to clear notifications either. It's extremely annoying.


Yes, please please please do something to fix the notifications functionality broken by the new android app release. I am a long time user and marketplace member. 99% of my time in the app has been in the Notifications tab for years. When i fire up the app, I only want to do one thing ... see and process any new information on my portfolio as quickly as possible ... in an out. This change makes that VERY awkward. I have to go to Portfolio, click the News icon, open every Latest post whether I want to or not just to get it to show I "read" it, Each "read" stays bold until I move away from the page and then come back. Look, I simply want a list of new articles for securities I am trading that I can quickly review and dispatch. That does not seem like too much to ask.