New Android App is Aweful


Notification section is gone. Why would you do that? Honest question, what's the point?

Font is HUGE. Like 5x too big.

I don't want to scroll for every ONE sentence. It makes reading nearly impossible. 

Scrolling to the side, in landscape mode, requires so much scrolling, I don't even know what stock I'm looking at any more.

Did anyone test this out? It's absolutely ridiculous, and I have to assume it wasn't tested appropriately.

i then tried to sign in on a computer, hoping I could read like a normal person there, but apparently you don't sync mobile & PC credentials? HOW do my credentials work on my phone AND your support site, but not my PC? Tried to reset multiple times, but apparently YOUR OWN temporary passwordS are also wrong? Yes, I waited several minutes before trying each time.

i have unsuccessfully tried to find another app, but rest assured I'll be reading my daily updates elsewhere until/if this garbage gets fixed.