How can chat be disabled on a Marketplace services webpage

alacer 2 years ago in Marketplace updated 2 years ago 4

I belong to the Margin of Safety service and every time I open a web page from it chat shows up and hogs resources on my computer and is generally distracting when I'm trying to read the web page. I tried creating a separate chat window but that does not prevent chat from running on all all other open web pages of Margin of Safety. I want a way to disable chat on these web pages. How can that be done?



Glad to have you as a subscriber!

You can click the minimize button to hide the chat window. This preference should be saved (on the same browser).



What minimize button? I don't see one using firefox on a laptop. What I have done so far that worked is to  use the "Remove it Permanently" firefox add-on to completely remove the chat frame and that has to be done for each window. I would rather not have chat come up automatically, but have a way to open it on demand. I have all chat sent to email and mostly just read them with Gmail.

The minimize button is here:

I found it, thanks!  On my browser the minimize button shows up as W for "wide" I guess, and hovering on it pops up no clue as with the other buttons below it. On the minimized chat frame there is an S button, for "small" I guess, and clicking on it maximizes chat.