We need short ideas more than ever now, yet SA has blocked short ideas to only Pro readers


If you are a reader looking for short ideas, the short ideas link under the stock ideas heading is blocked to only Pro readers.  This is a recent change.  It makes it almost impossible to find short idea articles.  The articles themselves are not blocked but you would have to pick through each ticker to find them.  

If you are an author that means much less readers, to the point that it's not worth writing a short bias article unless it is classified as Pro.

SA says that the short idea articles are still sent to followers of those authors and those tickers, but that is a small amount of readers looking for short idea articles.  

Hey, I get it.  I'm a capitalist so understand SA needs to maximize revenues.  I did not complain when they required a premium membership to read many of the back articles.  But this cuts too deeply. It effectively makes it un-worthwhile to write a short bias article.  Please ask SA to allow all readers to access articles through the short ideas link.

I am an active SA writer, who otherwise loves the SA service.  I hope this gets addressed for the sake of readers and writers.

Jeremy Blum