New Android app is AWFUL - give me back the good, useful old app

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Damn, you seriously blew it with your new Android app.  I'm a senior software developer - the design flaws in the new app are too numerous to list here.  Pushing it down onto my phone without asking and without permission was criminal.  Give me a way to restore the old app, or I'll have to delete Seeking Alpha from my phone.  Software by committee and making changes without listening to your customers - clear path to mediocrity. The old app was a gem; the new app is AWFUL. BOO on you! 


And now you know why they are not listed on any list as a viable option for a financial app. You thinking I'm kidding? Go do a google search for top 10 financial apps. Seeking Alpha is not listed in any of them. This update is EXACTLY why. I also work in software services, and If my team did this, pushed it out with no beta, no survey, no testing, we'd all be fired and looking for another job.


Horrible app is an understatement. Just got it snuck in on an Android system update. Too much movement, screen is too big, looks like the web version (which is bad), but worse. 

Terrible, terrible.  Why is "trending" even a thing? I'm not invested in "trending" companies. No one is. Trending is for Instagram. Horrible app. 

I pay for premium, and primarily use the app. I will not renew my subscription if I have to delete this junk.


agreed and makes me wonder how and why this happened...don't care about customers???zjgu

SA Admin Kushal Mehrotra
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We've moved to a new cross-platform interface for Seeking Alpha for improved continuity between desktop site and mobile and the new update is part of that move.
Unfortunately, there isn't a way to roll back to the previous version but I'll be happy to assist you with any feature that you're having difficulty accessing.

Kushal Mehrotra
Data QA Analyst, Seeking Alpha