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Sort by price change

kruthy 2 years ago in iPhone App updated by hjayne 2 years ago 6

would love ability to sort columns (e.g by price change)

Under review

Thank you for your feedback.

Agree completely!  Why is the functionality available in your Android app but not in your iPad app?  In fact, on your Android app, any portfolio is sortable by any of the available attributes... NAV dollar change,  NAV % change, ticker, etc...  Really need to extend this capability to iOS.

Agreed, I just switched to iOS from android, really disappointing that the portfolio sort functions are not available in the iOS version of the app. the original post was 6 months ago, any changes coming?

Same here, please provide sort function on IOS

Just learning this functionality IS available on Android has me considering switching from iOS. It seems like adding this to iOS shouldn’t be that big of a deal. Why no progress here? 

feature request +1 !! Also pls make available on iPad. TY!