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I am visiting this report a bug page more than use of the app.

I will reset the app once more and then delete if still not fixed. 

The app asked me to choose 5 new stocks. After choosing them my portfolio page did not load any info for the 5. Furthermore when I go to news and select any ticker it does not show any info for the selected stock.

Serious question. What happened to your app? It has gone downhill ever since SA was more interested in upwelling the services

SA Maya Natan
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From what you are describing, you have created a new account instead of logging with your existing account credentials. 

Logging out and logging back in

To do so, go to your “More” menu and select "Sign Out".

To log back in simply enter the email and password with which you registered, and you will automatically be logged in.

If you can't remember which account you used to register, please type in the email address you are using to receive email alerts from Seeking Alpha with.

If you forgot your password you can always recover it by entering your email address and on the password screen tap on “Forgot Password”. You will get an email from Seeking Alpha with a One-Click Setup link. This will log you back in.