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OverSouled 3 weeks ago in Website updated by maillot jaune 2 weeks ago 6

You are not simply advertising your "premium" product, you are making it all but impossible for long time users to use the site. Right now about the only thing this site does for me that my brokerage doesn't is give me a portfolio gain/loss total. The brokerage gives me a lot else that you don't. Pretty close to closing my account.

Seeking Alpha is trying to out-spam the My Pillow guy

I have a new rule. 

Every time I get a pop up for this Premium Service I will use it as a bump in the Feedback Forum to complain about it 

Stop the annoying POP UPs Seeking Alpha 

Maybe Seeking Alpha's plan is to try to ANNOY PEOPLE enough to pay for their "Premium Service"

Seeking Alpha stop with all the POP UPS its annoying as hell 

Yes, they are trying to annoy us into making them rich, since they are apparently not very good investors. But I doubt they are paying any attention to our complaints. When people have complained about some of their other practices, like promoting ignorant and unethical short-seller posts as premium content, they have basically turned a blind eye. Hear-no-evil, see-no-evil - though they sometimes take down perfectly reasonable comments for no apparent reason.

Supposedly the POP UPS are limited to 3X a day but that is not true at all

but then they do drop-down pop ups now asking to send me notifications 

and other POP UPS that appear in the New Comments section 

Spamming more than the My Pillow guy