Price at Publication

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Publications have a field called "Price at Publication" for those publications dealing with recommendations. The iphone app for Seeking Alpha has one price while the desktop website has another site. Furthermore, I went back and looked at the historical prices for a stock that had a publication and the price at the time the article stated it was published was different than either.  Why is this and which is the actual price when the article was published?


At the head of each publication SA puts the name of stocks mentioned in the article.  It should also state the stock price (pick opening price that day, or any other you choose), at the intro summary of that article.  If an author is saying a stock/fund is "undervalued" and I read that article a week or a month after the publication, I need to know if the term "undervalued" still applies.  By that time it could be more undervalued, or the buy window the author mentions is no longer relevant because the price has moved up.  SA keeps their articles for years.  That's not helpful if we don't know the context in which the article was written.