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Beta version of My Feed - this idea really sucks! Much prefer the previous version that tracked news and events by ticker symbol, not by author. Also, you may want to make "Feedback" a little more accessible - had to hunt for several minutes to find it.

gascomp 4 years ago updated by Npdv 2 years ago 2

"OLD version" of My Feed that listed news and events related to My Portfolio by trading symbol, not by author is much preferred to new Beta version that lists news by author. Also,, you may want to make the Feedback feature a little easier to find - had to search several minutes to find it.

Under review

Thanks for the feedback. Can you please expand a bit on what you didn't like? The beta version shows the same content as the current "Latest" tab but also gives you the ability to see content by users you follow ( you can turn this off).

I’m trying to get the beta version and clicking on the invite button but the send button is never enabled irrespective of whether there is a message body.