Need to Improve REIT Comparisons in Peers

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The Premium "peers" comparison for REITs needs improvement. A REIT needs to be compared to similar REITs within its subsector. As it stands now, e.g., you can look at peers on a retail REIT, and up comes an industrial REIT to compare it to. It doesn't make much sense. I pulled up SRC, Spirit Realty, a NNN retail REIT, and the comparison was missing the main retail NNN comparisons, like NNN, O, and others. This should be easy to solve. Also, for REITs, in peers, there should be FFO, P/FFO, AFFO, P/FFO, Div/FFO, Div/AFFO, etc., in the comparisons. SA has done this in the data on individual REITs, I would suggest doing this for peers, would make it much more useful.


Was looking at the landing page for ULTA, and one of the peers was Tractor Supply! Your selection of peers is often simply random. Even an AI program could do better than this.


Also, Mortgage REITs (e.g. AGNC, IVR) show no peers at all.