chat not forwarding messages to email

alacer 2 years ago in Marketplace updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 2 years ago 6

Since the New Live Chat Features were announced on 6/17/2018 chat is not forwarding messages to email. Can that be fixed?

Under review


Emails are only sent when you are offline (i.e. not logged into Chat) and when your settings indicate you should get emails:

With Firefox on a Windows laptop  there are no options for Email or Mobile In Notifications Preferences and there is no Notifications section.  Before 6/17/2018 there was an Email option in Notifications Preferences that I configured to forward all chat messages to email and had been working fine for the last few months.

Trying with Internet Explorer 11 gives the same results as with Firefox - int chat no options for Email or Mobile In Notifications Preferences and no Notifications section

I see Notifications Preferences and the only such preferences offered are Receive Alerts|Mute all notifications, Receive @all and @here mentions|Mute@all and @here mentions, and Show counter|Hide counter. Below is a screenshot of all my Notifications Preferences using Firefox 56 on a Windows laptop, ditto for IE 11. Did your chat implementation team test those platforms? I don't want to have to keep chat open all the time to know about new messages. Before the recent changes I had been relying on email forwarding of new chat messages and that worked well before June 17 2018. I do not need or expect to use any of the new chat features recently introduced.



"Mute all notifications" is selected. Simply change that setting to "receive alerts" and then ensure "All Messages" is selected under the Email section.