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I'm am seeing info when I hover over BJK. Are you still seeing this issue?



I'm also seeing this work fine. Also, I don't see any other posts you made reporting this issue. This forum is the best place to report issues like this.




Hello guys. First and most importantly, THANK YOU for the reply(s). And yes: you're absolutely right. NOW I too see the information for $BJK. I can only assume someone saw this and fixed it, for which: thanks. I really has NOT been working for a while now - I am long/and follow $BJK among other tickers so I know this was true - and on two browsers. And I have no clue on why my earlier posts on this issue are either no longer there or unfindable?!  But regardless of how it happened, really glad this is now working! Thanks for the good work to whomever and hope you had a lovely weekend.  Alley