Unable to see News Summaries

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SA had a nice feature which would show news summaries, I thought it was wonderful feature, looks like it has been removed. Under the news menu, there was an option which style you wanted all, news summaries.

Can we please have it.


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This is now available on the "News" subtab for Premium subscribers:


Daniel Hochman

VP Product, Seeking Alpha


Hi Daniel,

Thanks for responding. I checked the subscription page, its not same as what used to be before.

  1. As the world is going towards zero click or single click, SA is going towards multiple clicks, looks like we are regressing, please now at the workflow I have to do
    1. get a quote for ticker
    2. click "news"
    3. click "show summaries"
    4. what I would like is, showing summaries by default namely the URL has an option, this way I don't need to click "show summaries" everytime I check earnings news
  1.   I still like the old format, get a quote for stock, bottom right quadrant will show all news. Here there was a tab which would show summaries, it had an option in url so it was very fast for me to skim

      Please bring back the old format, namely quote for a stock has news on bottom quadrant which had an 

      option for news summaries.