Idea: "Target price" - option to the portfolio?

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How about adding an optional setting to the portfolio, where I could get to manually insert a target price for an individual stock in my portfolio?

For example:

FB, trades at 179,00

Insert your price target: 170,00

Now when I opened my portfolio, FB would be colored red and there would be a column "Distance to target price:" with value -9,00. When the target price is hit, the color of the stock name turns green. This way, I would see which stocks are moving close to the buy points with one glance on SA main page side bar.

I believe this would be technically very easy thing to add to the portfolio code.

Thank you for the great site. It's been of great help in educating myself with investing in stocks!

  • Under review


Thanks so much for your feedback. We will take this into consideration as we further try to improve Seeking Alpha. 


Please add this feature.