Cannot enter info in the compose message dialogue so I can send a message to HFIR

shadowrider2006 2 years ago updated by SA Jacob Maltz 2 years ago 2

I am trying to request sample reports from HFIR: Flagship Weekly Report, Individual Stock report, and Oil Market Analysis.  I can pull up the form that says Compose Message but none of the boxes are "hot", I can't enter information in them.  What am I doing wrong?  Any help is greatly appreciated.

I get the Compose Message link from a HFIR email right after his writing and before the comments.  I clicked here to get to the message:  For a sample of any reports, please message us hereI get to the form but cannot input any information.  I am using Explorer and windows 10.

Thank you

Found the problem and it is fixed.  Please disregard my post.



As per user, found soution