Improve article titles - USA centric at present

Diottica 3 months ago in Website 0

A suggestion: please can the editorial staff and/or authors improve the titles by clarifying which jurisdiction the article relates to.  For example, a recent article by Michael Gayed is titled "The Surge In Consumer Spending Is Ending".  However, the article pertains to consumer spending in the USA - spending in the rest of the world is ignored. Other articles might have a title like 'Property Crashing' or 'Shares Overvalued' etc.  As your audience is global (I'm UK based but there's other Europeans, Kiwis, South Americans etc) it would be helpful if the titles (indeed the articles) recognised that e.g. Mr Gayed's article could more accurately be titled "The Surge in US Consumer....".  This would help readers decide if the article is of interest/relevance and perhaps remind the authors that the USA is not the whole picture :-)