Dividend growth rates and years of growth

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In reviewing a lot of dividend stocks, I see a lot of discrepancies between your numbers for dividend growth rates and years of dividend growth versus the numbers found on the Dividend Champions List.  There are many examples.  One would be Enbridge (ENB), where 5yr growth is listed as 0.84%, with two years of growth -- vs the Dividend Champions List, which says 5yr growth = 11.8%, with 24 years of growth.  Quite a discrepancy!

Or Illinois Tool Works (ITW), which you list as having 10 yrs of growth, vs 45 yrs on the Champions list.

I've seen the Champions list praised many times as the "gold standard" for this information, in part because they it doesn't simply pull and present data.  I'm not the expert!  But in comparing differences, your data usually looks wrong (or correct with an asterisk -- perhaps because a dividend increase was announced on one date but delivered on another, etc.).

Is this something you can address?