Stock prices not updating for a few days now

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Awesome site! You guys are doing a great job! I'm new to the site and I'm experiencing the free version before subscribing. Over the last few days though, if I search a stock that I haven't searched before, I'll get the last updated price. However, if later on, I search the same stock again, I'll get the price at the time of my last search and not the updated price (and the page can't be reloaded). I'm having the same problem on safari and Firefox so I assume it isn't browser-related. The only way to solve the problem is to delete my history but I can't do that continuously. It was working well before. Thank you!

SA Admin Kushal Mehrotra
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Hi MikeHYL,

Thank you for your kind words.

During my investigation, I found that all tickers present in your portfolio are updating in realtime during market hours.
Can you share tickers that you suspect are not updating, by taking their screenshots during different times when their price remained unchanged? It'll really help us narrow down the probable causes.

Kushal Mehrotra
Data QA Analyst, Seeking Alpha 


Hi Kushal,

Yesterday afternoon, during market hours, I looked at BYD. It's in my portfolio but I accessed it through the search field. I got the live quote. Two minutes later, I clicked on "Dividends" and the quote was updated at the top of the page. When I clicked back on "Summary" right away and then I got the "old" quote from two minutes prior (The one I got in the first place). I looked again at BYD this morning after the market open and I got that same old quote from yesterday! When I clicked on "Dividends", I got an updated quote from this morning.

So, basically, the problem is with the "Summary" page. It happens with every single stock I look at, whether in the portfolio or not. If I look at a stock right now for the first time since I delete the history on my browser, I will get the correct live quote. However, if I come back to look at that same stock later, I will get the same (old) quote as long as I don't clear the history on my browser. Basically, the stock price of any stock on the "Summary" page freezes when I check it out until I clear my browser history. Again, this happens in both Safari and Firefox.

Is there any way to solve that problem?





I'm unable to replicate this at my end, although i updated our tech team regarding this and they've refreshed our directories. Please let me know if the issue continues.