Must read articles are already locked

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Why are you emailing must read articles that I am not allowed to read? They are already locked in less then a day. Some less then 4 hours old. 


Exactly.  If I can't read the articles,  what's the point of sending them to me?    Oh... you want me to be a paying subscriber, vs. a free account?  So, maybe I should just "Unsubscribe."


What happened to the policy of single stock articles being unlocked for 7 days?

I frequently am seeing articles locked the same day or in less than 24 hours much less the 7 days.


SA is locking articles most likely due some comments present crucial information or analysis vital to the public or the company but needs be kept out of public eyes investors etc...No doubt some comments might expose irregularities and SA is under pressure from corporation to hide the data.


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