What is up with the blatant personal censorship

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I've not had several comments that are benign  if only mentioning how you won't post my comment not get posted?

Is this still a platform or is it just for the few to spew their nonsense without opposition?

Sad that someone can attack me?  get posted and I can't even respond back with a hello?

or suggest an article is poor?  Stop it already with the blatant one sided censoring.


Yes, if you try to post anything that mentions the moderation taking out your posts, they won't allow it and it won't be posted.  Any mention of the moderation at all and you are censored like Putin's Russia.  Although I can't figure out who they support , they seem to protect Russian trolls, trump supporters, but then other times I hear that trump supporters think they are protecting the liberals.  I had to resort to reporting other's posts because they won't allow me to post a response , ridiculous, I need to get out of hear and find another site.  Only reason I haven't gone already is it is useful site to track investments and get ideas.