Need a CEF section

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"We" need a CEF section at Seeking Alpha.  Completely different analysis required than an ETF.


Yes. I totally agree.  CEFs have attractive yield for an income investor and the monthly payers are especially attractive,  but I don't have enough info to make a wise decision to manage risk.

I would like to see ratings like we have for stocks. Would love to see the price target, what is a good buy price based on NAV, is the distribution safe, if there is return of capital (RoC) is it destructive? Is the NAV growing or decreasing over time? What is the distribution made of? dividends, capital gains, paid in capital?  

I need this information so I don't buy a CEF that cuts its distribution or the price falls in the near future.


    I totally agree as well. I only joined SA as a premium member only to get access to the articles written by CEF experts. However, I am disappointed when I look around the site and see NOTHING dedicated to CEF's. First and foremost I'd like to see a CEF screener. Morningstar is much the same, very little on CEFs. Perhaps SA can get one "up" over Morningstar by providing a dedicated section for CEFs. How about it SA?


    Just joined SA this month - fleeing the ESG junk and portfolio monitor changes at M* after being a subscriber there for a couple decades.  I like the CEF articles here, but I can’t even find a way to see Premium/Discount data on CEF’s.  Is there a way to do that I am missing? Would be great to have a better way to see CEF data on SA.

    Richard Symms

    Well, just feel lucky. I paid $260 for Premium and after a while it quit working and so now i get the bare minimum user access. The web site is terrible for trying to get profile information or account information. They did correct the problem once before though. 😎