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Unusably slow and unstable

Nick Warner 2 years ago in Android App updated by Maya Natan 2 years ago 2

The last few updates have made the app almost unusable. While traveling in Europe last week it was a coin toss whether it would load at all and when it did it was only the ticker. Even in the US, the ticker doesn't load reliably and some articles don't load. I originally loved this app because of the lean, fast load times and ease of use. Since the big changes a couple months ago I struggle with severe latency, unreliability, and a generally poor user experience. It also seems there are far more locked articles and even more ads. 

I would that by don't load I mean my notifications are very finicky, sometimes not updating at all or even letting me see old articles. Even when I go to my different portfolios to see specific stocks it sometimes fails to update.

Under review

Thank you for your feedback. We are aware of this issue and working hard to fix the apps performance bugs.

Have you tried re-installing the app?