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(I did not find an established feedback thread, so I created this one.)

As it stands now, this feature provides far too much unwanted information.  To work well, this would require much more in the way of sorting and filtering options.


I would prefer to see it sorted in the following order:
  +Article/blog post
     +Specific comment thread

I would also prefer that, with the exception of the comment in question, each level appear in a 'condensed' format that can be expanded to the extent desired.  These improvements would make it much easier (& less confusing!) to stay on topic, and allow the reader to skip over non value-added comments like the frequent 'Thanks for reading and commenting' responses.  It would also be helpful if all content is hi-lighted to mark it as read/unread to avoid multiple views of the same thread.

Bonus points if you do the same for articles that I have commented on, or am following!  I would think it possible to add 'Followed articles/conversations only' as a filtering option to the People page.  A filtered, partially expanded view of the page could then be linked to as a replacement for the existing system. 

Currently, when I use one of the 'There are new comments' links, it takes several minutes to first, reload the article, then load the comments - ALL OF THEM!  As a result, I usually open the link in a new tab and go on to other things while the browser does all of this in the background.  Many SA articles provoke quite a bit of discussion!  Think of it as being a victim of your own success.

- Rob aka JrMastermind


been using for a few months and yes it is very convenient and more functional than My Feed so congrats.

Since Zero hedge is going to crap SA is way in the lead 


SA is turning into Yahoo Finance w all the "improvements.." and we all know how that is going! Bea

Amit Ghate

I think the People page is a nice addition.


I really like it, but the "Latest" tab is redundant and kind of annoying.  The rest is great.

David Jackson

Thanks for the feedback.


Like the OP, I'm also having trouble with a few authors I follow flooding my feed with "Thanks for posting"  I would love an option so I can choose what to follow on a by author basis.  So I can choose if I want to follow that authors comments and articles or just the articles.  I normally follow someone because I like their articles while other authors also jump into the comments thread for a healthy debate.